About Iloilo

Iloilo lies in the heart of the Philippines, stretching 4,663 square kilometers. Occupying the southern and northeastern portion of Panay Island, to the north of Iloilo lies the Province of Capiz and Jintotolo Channel, Guimaras Strait washes its southern shores, to the eastern side, the calm waters of Panay Gulf and Iloilo Strait, and the Province of Antique is our western neighbor. Iloilo takes its name from Irong-Irong, the old name of the city of Iloilo, a tongue of land that sitcks out like a nose on the south side of the Iloilo River.

Iloilo, the largest province in Panay Island of the Western Visayas Region, is divided into 42 municipalities & 1 component city, composed of 1,721 brgys. with Iloilo City as the provincial capital. Its unique location has made Iloilo the commercial, cultural and intellectual center of Western Visayas from the dawn of history.

The province’s geographical structure and makeup has, in fact proven to be an advantage to the traveler, particularly the adventurous, daring and enterprising. The province is connected by a network of modern roads and bridges that traverse the towns.

This mystical province, poised for progress, is famous for its delightful contrast between the east & west, the old and new … of tall buildings and nipa huts, of modern steamers and scurrying native boats, of free-wheeling cars and jeepneys.

A heritage and adventure destination in this side of the region, Iloilo prides itself with having the country’s oldest and well-preserved churches, ancestral homes, & other historical landmarks, resplendent world-class festivals, unspoiled coastal communities with pristine beaches and islands, the cool mountain haven of pine trees, flowers and wildlife sanctuaries.

Iloilo is harnessing the potentials of its strategic location, abundant resources & established facilities to attain revitalized growth. Centrally located, it serves as the gateway to Southern Philippines and holds an unparalleled advantage of being the hub of trade, commerce and industry. Agriculture is the principal industry of Iloilo. Its production of rice, sugar, mongo, fish and other major producs has placed the province among the country’s top agricultural producers.

But, for many visitors to Iloilo, their enduring memory of the travel will always be the people. Considered as the birthplace of Malayan civilization in the Philippines, present-day Ilonggos are a complex lot, most come from Malay stock, with varying infusions of Chinese and Spanish ancestries. Ilonggos are gregarious, fun-loving people whose hospitality is legendary. Moreover, Iloilo is steep in historical significance. Its contribution to history is valuable. It is home to freedom fighters, oustanding legislators, legal geniuses, noted business pioneers and famed musicians. Ilonggos’ zest for life has made us a world-class professional human resource.

While Iloilo teems with energy and vibrancy of new developments, the glory of its heritage is stiill evident in its architecture and lives on in the hearts of its people. Truly, Iloilo is a destination that fulfill your needs, a place for history, business, leisure and one that you could proudly call home.

Source: http://www.iloilo.gov.ph