Defensor issues guidelines on grant of clothing allowance

To ensure compliance among provincial government employees, Iloilo Governor Arthur Defensor, Sr. has decided that the P4,000 uniform/clothing allowance per employee in the 2011 Budget be given to them in kind.

Defensor issued Executive Order No. 10 dated February 7, 2011 providing guidelines for the grant of uniform/clothing allowance of employees.

The said EO also stated that the uniform will be procured in accordance with R.A. 9184 or the Government Procurement Act.

Provincial Administrator Raul Banias earlier said that they have set a bidding for the procurement of materials for the uniform and for its tailoring as well.

Defensor also stated in the EO that “any excess amount to the P4,000 uniform/clothing allowance in the procurement of the uniform/clothing shall be given in cash to the employee concerned.”

It was learned that each employee will be given four sets of uniform that they could use from Monday to Thursday.

Cited as basis of EO No. 10 is DBM Circular No. 2003-8 dated December 8, 2003 or the “Rules and regulations on the grant of uniform/clothing allowance to all government personnel for FY 2004 and years thereafter” which gives the discretion to the agency head to give the uniform/clothing allowance (U/CA) in cash or in kind particularly in 3.1 of the said Circular which provides, to wit: “The U/CA, which shall be prescribed in the pertinent general provision of the annual GAA, may be given in cash or in kind subject to the discretion of the agency head.”

Defensor stressed that wearing of uniform is important since it will project a good image for the provincial government employees. It will also turn out to be cheaper on the part the employees since they don’t have to look for different dresses to wear everyday, he added. (ECGarcia/ Capitol News)

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